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James is a guitarist and vocalist who specializes in acoustic classic and modern rock. For formal events he also plays classical guitar and has a large repertoire of popular, classical, and jazz songs. He also plays many original compositions. He has performed many private events for the Mohegan Sun and Foxwood Casinos and plays Weddings, Parties, and Club Dates. James Graduated from “Berklee College Of Music” in Boston. He also studied extensively with several of Berklee’s top professors. 
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    8/26 Sift-Mix Mystic 11am-2pm
    8/28 Private Event 12pm
    8/28 MaugleSierra 3pm
    8/29 Salt Water Vineyard 3pm
    9/1 DPI Mystic 9pm
    9/3 Friar Tucks  6pm
    9/4 Private Event 5pm
    9/5 Angie’s 7pm
    9/5 MaugleSierra 3pm
    9/8 DPI Mystic 9pm
    9/10 Private Event 12pm
    9/11 Private Event 5pm
    9/13 Private Event 6pm
    9/15 DPI Mystic 9pm
    9/16 Shunock Brewery 6pm
    9/17 Westerly Yacht Club 7pm
    9/18 MaugleSierra 3pm
    9/19 Pizzetta 6pm
    9/22 DPI Mystic 9pm
    9/25 Private Event 5pm
    9/24 La Grua Concert(Free)! 6pm
    9/26 Engine Room 4-7pm
    9/28 DPI Mystic 9pm
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