I’m a Guitarist, Vocalist, and Entertainer. I play Classic and Modern Rock . I also play Instrumental Guitar for weddings and parties. I graduated from “Berklee College Of Music” and perform hundreds of shows each year. I teach Guitar Lessons to students of all ages. Check Out my Songlist and Text Me your Comments, Suggestions and Requests!

IMG_6405“Looking for a fun night out at a mellow pub or restaurant with great acoustic guitar? Look no further than James Harris, One of Mystic’s most innovative and enjoyable cover artists” - Andrew Krebs “Soundwaves”

What do Snoop’s “Gin and Juice” and Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” have in common? Well, James Harris knows, and he showed us last night at Perks and Corks during a wonderful, laid back performance that helped inject some much needed warmth into this stretch of otherwise numbing cold.Thank you, James!”  -JohnSpeziale



AnneMarie2013“James Harris, one of our regular monthly performers, is one of t…he hardest working local musicians around and one of those, no matter how crazy the night can be, he ALWAYS goes above and beyond, often performing well beyond his slotted time to please an eager crowd. That’s something that often is missed, or taken for granted, but massively appreciated by Perks and always by his audience. He covers more of the beloved songs of the past 5 decades than one can imagine.” -Kozmik Riffs

Text Requests  860*333*7737